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Located within a lime quarry in the Weka Pass, North Canterbury, Bell Hill vineyard is modelled on the high density plantings of vineyards in Burgundy, France.





Viva- 2023 Top 10 Wineries- Jo Burzynska

Bell Hill Chardonnay 2019
An exceptional and intense chardonnay propelled by its site’s chalky acidity and saline minerality, in which essence of grapefruit and mandarin are scented with orange blossom, over a subtle savoury and toasted oatmeal undercurrent.

February 2023

Dear Friends of Bell Hill,

We’d like to wish you and you families all the best for the coming festive season, we hope you are able to spend time with friends and family and that the past year has been good to you. Thank you also for your patience in waiting to hear news from us, it has been a long road to get to this point and we appreciate the queries we have had along the way about when the next vintage may be released…It has been a pressure cooker year with staff changes and shortages all along the way which has combined with uncooperative weather patterns to leave us chasing ourselves in the vineyard from day to day and week to week. This necessary focus on vineyard activities has seen us fall behind in our 2018 vintage release targets but each day brings something achieved as long as we don’t talk about machinery issues! Although Marcel and I have avoided Covid thus far, it feels like Bell Hill has long-Covid symptoms, here’s to a good recovery in the New Year.